Real Poker Art for Real Poker Players

We know you love poker and the finer things in life. Our contemporary images create an impression that commands attention.


We take enormous pride in creating quality artwork you will be proud to display. We have a fondness for poker, games of skill and enjoying what life has to offer.  Our attention to detail, the intricate lighting designs and strong compositions truly set us apart. Everything we do revolves around quality.



Image is everything and the look of poker just got better.

About Us

Capturing the essence of poker is a creative challenge requiring certain artistic talents. That talent belongs to Julie Greenwood, a photographer with incredible camera skills and an ability to create beautiful lighting. While her work is handcrafted and utilizes techniques developed by the masters of the 20th century, her images remain contemporary and highly collectible.



Julie studied fine art at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago and photography from Columbia College in Chicago. The combination of these two art forms has led to a unique photographic style, instantly recognizable as her own.



She has worked as a commercial and product photographer and even shot The Tonight Show at NBC before pursuing her passion for creative fulfillment as a fine art photographer. Julie's published work is now sold in high-end stores and collected worldwide.


LuckyDog Poker Art is the brainchild of Michael Greenwood and represents a return to his creative and artistic roots. As Creative Director, he is able to translate his enthusiasm for poker with images that complement the excitement of the game.



With a background in art and film, Michael brings a unique vision to LuckyDog Poker Art.  He enjoys all forms of art but has a fondness for strong, graphic arts, most visible in vintage travel posters and classic movie posters; something he still collects today.



Early on, Michael decided the artwork should capture the essence of poker.  Poker is a classic game. It's fun, exciting and played by individuals with distinct personalities, all sharing the same passion. And, with our artwork, there's no better way to exhibit that passion for poker.



Michael Greenwood